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Need laundry industry expertise? I have 25+ years of management and consulting experience in the laundry industry and currently serve as president of Pertl & Alexander LLC, one of the world's best and most experienced consulting firms specializing in the design and management of laundry, housekeeping and valet services. I developed this web page to share articles I've written and provide links to important industry resources.

In February 2012, at TRSA's first-ever Executive Roundtable, I outlined plans to develop TRSA's Hospitality Textile Life Cycle Survey to be conducted by my company. We're examining factors that determine the lifespan of goods used by the hotel industry, including processing, use, theft, loss, abuse and degradation.

In case you're not aware, TRSA is the Textile Rental Services Association. TRSA wrote about me, "Alexander has led the charge internationally to develop more effective laundry management practices in the industry, including creating better metrics for reporting textile lifecycle costs. He's also prompted hospitality and healthcare laundries to make better use of laboratory testing, particularly comprehensive ANSI-specified methods, to pinpoint the impacts of their own linen and laundry procedures on textile degradation."

Articles by Matt Alexander:

• "Luxury Linens & Garments - Full Speed Ahead" (Textile Rental, November 2011. 340K, .pdf)

• "Luxury Linens: Here to Stay" (Textile Rental, May 2007. 112K, .pdf)

• "Hospitality Laundering: Rear Guard of the Bed, Spa and Chef Wars" (Part 1 - American Laundry News, October 10, 2007)

• "Hospitality Laundering: Rear Guard of the Bed, Spa and Chef Wars" (Part 2 - American Laundry News, October 17, 2007)

• "Luxury Hospitality Linen - The Bed Wars" (Textile Rental, August 2006. 144K, .pdf)

• "A Consultant's Role In Building Your Laundry - Why They're Needed" (Laundry Today, March 2004)

• "Keep it Competitive" (Laundry Today, October 2004)

Important Resources for the Laundry Industry:

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Textile Rental Services Association (Representing the Textile Rental Industry)

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Clean Show (World Educational Congress for Laundering and Dry Cleaning)

Coin Laundry Association

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Independent Textile Rental Association

Contact me for more information about the laundry industry (see my e-mail address below).

- Matt Alexander


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